Behind The Scenes


December 2021:
– It has certainly been a while since I’ve updated the log BUT worry not! I’m still working away at WIPs. In fact, you could say…I’m on Book # 3 😀

May 2020:
– My podcast interview with Winn Publications LLC is up on Spotify!
– During all this hustle n’ bustle these last few months, I managed to redraft my manuscript a 5th time. Since the proofing is done, my agent said we’re ready to put together a book proposal. Going on SUBMISSION this month!
– *Podcast Link*

I love my marketing illustrator btw.
Shout out to Sasmi on the “Helping Hands ” tab!

April 2020:
– I submitted to like 5 short story competitions, we’ll see where these go.
– My Youtube channel is live! I upload on Wednesdays, every two weeks.
– I featured on my first Author’s Podcast! Thanks to Winn Publications LLC for having me!
– Aaaaand I’m on my agent’s website y’all. Her WEBSITE!

March 2020:
– NOPE, this is real life! Your boy is an AGENTED AUTHOOOOOR! And by Alyssa Roat no less. (She’s the agent I pitched my heart out to back in August ’19!) What a ride 😀
– Oh, and expect me to pick up AuthorTube soon btw. I shall call it OnPage Sage!

February 2020:
– omg……. OMG Everybody SHUT UP. SHUT UP!
– Is this a prank? An actual query follow up??

January 2020:
– Wonderful holidays? Check! What a wonderful break with friends and family. Now it’s time to get back to the keyboard!
– Well, a rejection certainly isn’t the way I was hoping to start 2020. Still, at least this one came with a real response, right?
– In the mean time, I’m 20K into my new project! No name yet, but a cool file name: “Thief V1.1”.

Great writers are measured by their perseverance…I hope!

December 2019:
– That’s a “NO” from my Pitch Wars hopefuls…damn.
– With several additional rejections (and hearing no feedback at all), I’m looking into different querying methods! I’ve made my way over to, to see what the agents are specifically looking for.
– Ok, the agents have spoken! Looks like I may put aside working on my YA Fantasy Trilogy in favor of new inspiration I’ve suddenly run into…

November 2019:
– I really started querying my manuscript back in September. Oh boy…those dreaded first few rejections are starting to come in. But hey, we’re writers – we don’t give up here.
– Double hitter for a rainy day, my novelette for Writers Of The Future didn’t get accepted! Alright, an improved story next time then!

October 2019:
– The writer’s conference lit a fire under me, and you KNOW my buns can still feel it. So I’ve submitted to Pitch Wars. Fingers crossed someone will want at least a partial from my pitch!

My Hero Academia gets me so well lol.

September 2019:
– #amquerying
– We’ve moved from our apartment! You know what that means…new writing space!

Ah…great stories will be written here!

August 2019:
– Just back from my first Writer’s Conference and boy, was The Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Conference aah-mazing. (Oh, and two inspiring agents requested my whole manuscript. What a blessing!)
– My wife surprised me when I returned with some bling for my writing station. First, giant posters of my main characters, then, a monitor to help with editing! Thank you, love 😀

July 2019:
– One third of the way through my third draft – plugging away!
– Merch has finally arrived! We’ve got free T-Shirt giveaways going out to some of my helping hands and betas.

Our First Giveaway!

June 2019:
– Awaiting my Beta Reader Team’s review of the manuscript. Their comments will make the third draft.
– I’m booked to attend the The Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Conference, Aug 16-18!
– I have successfully submitted my Novelette, “The Hunter Trials” to the “Writers Of The Future” Writing Competition at 16K words!