Meet Me

I am Simeon Cole-Fletcher, a 29 y.o. from good ‘ole Albuquerque, New Mexico. Nice to meet you!

A little about myself, I’ve lived all over the world, to include Japan. I’ve spent more time overseas than in the U.S. (military brat) but call ABQ home. I have always enjoyed reading growing up. My mind would live in between the pages of Chronicles of Narnia, Inkheart & Inkspell, Ender’s Game, and even The Way of the Shadow.

While I would continue to enjoy reading, my focus and time shifted elsewhere as I sought an Air Force commission from the United States Air Force Academy. (Success!) Add to that a discovery of a few video game titles, being a doggo Papa for Potato and Maka, and five years of marriage to my wonderful wife, Chelsea – somehow I’d lost my reading sensibilities!

Writing has brought much of that back to the forefront, especially as I dive into being a daily student of this incredible craft.

My current and premier W.I.P. is a 90,608w, YA Sci-Fi / Fantasy novel titled Beasts Within Our Blood. It focuses on a young man and his diverse peer group. They live in a world where everyone is born with extraordinary Gifts, yet only one Institute can weave them into legend.