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Artwork from The Spheire Saga
(Book 1: Beasts Within Our Blood)

The Spirits loved Five Nations.
So they Granted them Five Gifts.

Faylen, an eighteen-year-old hunter from deep within the jungles of Animas. His people–known as Beast Masters–live and hunt alongside animal partners called Nodus while honing their Gift: assuming the traits, characteristics, and strengths of their Nodus for the chase.
[Portrait by Sasmizu, Emblem Self-Made]

Althea, a seventeen-year-old tactician from the Loghis nation. Her countrymen go unchallenged in intellect across the whole of Spheire. Using their Gift of hyper-intelligence, they augment themselves to become formidable weapons in both mind and body.
[Portrait by Sasmizu, Emblem Self-Made]

Ilysia, a volatile example of a Fire into Lightning Weaver. She hails from Petrichor, the lands North of Animas. Her people, simply known as Weavers, cut through the skies, call storms by name, and shift the landscape at will–all while exercising masterful control of their Gift: the ability to control the elements.
[Portrait by Lukie Art, Emblem Self-Made]

Exalt Danika is one of four planetary leaders and the defacto paragon of god-like power. Where all other nations inherited their Gifts from the Spirits ages ago, her people–those from Hayvin–are Spirit-Born. They are a conduit to the Spirit plains of Everrealm and exercise a Gift that simply put: exists between the very threads that make up Spheire’s reality.
[Portrait by Lukie Art, Emblem Self-Made]

Exalt Baliste, another of Spheire’s four planetary leaders. She belongs to Indom, a nation blessed with vast durability and physical strength, both tested by the ages. Where some in neighboring lands might boast Gifts capable of cratering a mountainside, the strongest of Indom’s Warrior class can carve the mountain range itself with little more than fists.
[Portrait by Sasmizu, Emblem Self-Made]

Other Art and Places from the pages of
(Book One) Beasts Within Our Blood

After the Five Nation War concluded 50 years ago, a prestigious combat academy was built and each land’s most promising youth required to attend. It is here, the Discipline of Peace, that Faylen is set on someday attending as a representative of his people.
[Portrait by Sasmizu, ]

The serene jungles of Animas that Faylen calls home.
[Artwork by Lev]

Early Stage Character Concept Art by Ghais
Chibi by Nirgaling

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Early Concept Artwork for The Spheire Saga
(Book 2: Title Still In Development)

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