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Action: Thwarting Life’s Little Thieves (Post# 1)

By Simeon Cole-Fletcher

Exactly how many times has this been you?

For me, the answer was way far too many. Sure, I did some cool things, saw some cool places—a scroll through my Instagram, Facebook, or even iPhone album would prove that. So why did I still feel so stuck?

Psychology Today’s website, (one I got very familiar with during my Master’s), has an article titled: “Six Reasons to Get a Hobby”. I didn’t know it then, but after finding so much free time after college and college 2.0, I really didn’t do much. As such, the article’s fate eventually came true.

It says that without hobbies, we are prone to falling into “passive leisure”. My gaming chair could have been a witness on the stand to this fact—it had the shape of my butt well imprinted…and it’s not even a memory foam cushion. See the problem?!

Now then, what’s the fix?

If you are feeling any bit similar, you have got to wrangle some action into your existence. Easiest way is to dust off an interest you’ve always wanted to pursue but—whether for timing, cost, or resources— never did. Life’s got an odd connection with math; this is one of its equations:

Learn + Something New = Be Something New

For me, writing has been that new action. It’s helped me link up with new people, explore fresh ideas, and add a bit of purpose to daily life’s humdrum. Find your activity so the same ‘ole rhythm won’t swipe even one more precious weekend away.

Reference: “Six Reasons to Get a Hobby” by Jaime L. Kurtz Ph.D.